7 Ways to Wear a Long Beaded Necklace

long beaded necklace

I often hear women say that they never know how to wear their long beaded necklaces. This is such a shame because these necklaces are a fantastic example of sustainable fashion! They’re so versatile that they almost eliminate the need to have so many necklaces in your collection.

Of the dozens of different looks that can be achieved with a long necklace, today I’ll talk about 7 ways that you can wear long beaded necklaces. To achieve these looks you’ll need a necklace that is 52-60 inches (132-152 cm) in length in whatever style you prefer. But if you’re going for a casual look, I suggest you stick to neutral colors paired with brighter ones (e.g. blue and brown or multi-colored). For a more formal look, go for black, white, or metallic colors and materials.


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