Artisan Works: Storybooks of Ancient Culture

Artisans with a Cultural Heritage

As the fog lifts with the gentle persuasion of the rising sun, a lovely chaos of color, texture, noise, and stories awakens the artisan market of Otavalo, Ecuador. Just as it was in pre-Incan times when traders would converge in Otavalo to barter or sell to each other, so do today’s local artisans who bring their wares to South America’s largest handicraft market.  They sell to the throngs of foreigners who come in by the busload. Nestled in a valley that is surrounded by the massive peaks of the Imbabura, Cotacachi, and Mojanda volcanoes, this town (as with many other towns in Ecuador) is home to thousands of indigena (indigenous) artisans and the centuries worth of stories contained in every one of their artisan works.


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