Artisan Works: Storybooks of Ancient Culture

Unique Artisan Works

Artists with a Cultural Heritage

Lovingly labored over, these Ecuadorian works of art are created using techniques and materials passed on from generations of artisan ancestors. You can even say that with each item, ancient culture, peoples, and stories are told, preserved, and live on. Similar to how no two storytellers tell a story in the same way, these handmade artisan works are often one-of-a-kind pieces of art and artifacts of history.

While they have received worldwide recognition for their master craftsmanship, it is sad to think that a large chunk of Ecuadorian artisan work’s history is bogged down by hardships borne from the hands of those who have exploited their talent over the years — from ancient conquerors to Ecuadorian sweatshop owners. Today’s threat to these artisans are opportunistic middle men who pay shamefully low prices and insist that artisans use factory-made materials instead of their own wool yarn to create nontraditional patterns. This not only forces artisans to live on extremely meager earnings, it also slowly kills the rich culture of artisan work. All this to meet the specific tourist demand.


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