Artisan Works: Storybooks of Ancient Culture

Artisans and Fair Trade

artisan works

Thankfully, there has been an influx of social entrepreneurs into Ecuador who aim to break this exploitative cycle. Buying from these fair trade enterprises guarantees that the bulk of the profits go back to the artisans, thus supporting a sustainable livelihood for crafts people in this developing country. Put simply, patronizing fair trade products make sure that artisans in the developing world are able to continue preserving centuries-old traditions and art while still being able to adequately clothe and feed their families.

So the next time that you buy something, whether it be coffee or an intricate piece of jewelry, I hope that you consider purchasing fair trade products instead. This way, you not only hold centuries worth of stories and tradition in your hand, you also ensure that an artisan somewhere in the developing world has a chance to live on sustainably and humanely enough to send out more stories of their culture out into the world.



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