Artisan Jewelry and Cultural Heritage


Artisans with a Cultural Heritage, artisan jewelry

As I walk through Otavalo, a city to the north of Ecuador’s capital city of Quito, I come across a site that I will probably never forget. I am wonderstruck with the world famous Plaza de Ponchos, a site of ancient cultural heritage. It is full of gorgeous clothes, paintings, beaded necklaces, embroidery and wood carvings. The handcrafted artisan jewelry is quite a sight, I fall in love with the beaded bracelets. I note that much of the jewelry is eco friendly, made by tagua and acai seeds. Everyone is very lively and interesting.

The tiny stands are dotted with dignified men and women waiting for customers in their indigenous dress. It is Saturday morning and the market is packed to capacity. As I move from one stand to another I am overwhelmed by the choice, color and noise.


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