Causes of Air Pollution and How to Reduce Them

air pollutionEffects on the Environment

Essentially, these emissions raise the pH of the ocean and make it more acidic. This affects our temperature and it affects the basic elements of life in the ocean. We’re talking about corals and other organisms that just cannot survive with the ocean at more acidic levels. These basic organisms are the fuel for larger organisms which feed on them.

As the ocean’s acid levels increase, the temperature increases and our icebergs melt. The levels of the ocean raise, the weather begins to act unpredictably and the ozone layer thins – thus increasing the global temperature. It becomes a relentless cycle. The good news is that the earth is fantastic at healing itself. But it cannot begin to heal without our help. Cutting back on the common causes of air pollution is a big start.

For additional information on air pollution, check out the book “An Air that Kills: Our Invisible Air Pollution Crisis” by John Rieuwerts.




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