Cork Floors

cork floorsWhat Is Cork?

The cork oak tree’s bark is where most cork comes from, and it is found in the Mediterranean. It is hand-harvested every nine years, allowing just enough bark to stay on the tree in order to regenerate itself and maintain its integrity. The harvested bark is dried and then used for the corks you find in wine bottles. The leftover material from the process is ground up and then made into cork flooring.

Where You Can Use Cork

Cork can be used in many ways. As an attractive option that has many looks, there is no limit to the possibilities. Cork tiles are lovely when used as a wall covering. Cork floors are often used due to the comfort factor of its slight softness, and the wide range of patterns it is available in.

Thick cork is even used for countertops and gives a somewhat trendy yet classic look to kitchens and other rooms it is used in. Cork is very versatile, and your imagination is the limit when it comes to where it can be used. There are at least 40 colors of cork available.


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