Eco-Fashion Choices

child labor

This video walks you through how changing your clothing choices can change the world.

Eco fashion refers to apparel, accessories and textiles that have been created with the health of the environment, and other human beings in mind. As we choose the items that will be close against our skin and the bodies of our children, it’s important to remember that polyester is made from crude oil, which is a finite fossil fuel. Conventional cotton can be terribly hazardous to the environment and to farmers. Chemical use on cotton is the highest chemical crop use in the world. Sweat shops and slave labour are still going on, especially in the clothing industry.

Check out this video to see the kinds of chemicals used on cotton. Click Next Page to see the video.

In this video you will find examples and photos of sweatshops with child labor situations in China and Uzbekistan. As well as the eco friendly answer to these situations. Consider fair trade options, consider organic cotton.

A look at what is going on in the world of fashion and the environment and what you can do to create a positive impact on the world.


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