How I Moved Past the Default Plan and Set Some Life Goals

Bucket List

Over a year ago, I was reading articles online about writing a bucket list, things to do before I died.  I’m a goal oriented person, but somehow the 5 and 10 year plans had gone out the window.  I didn’t really have any long term plans for my life.  My default mode was to watch my kids get older, save for retirement and die.  The default mode had room for improvement.

In the meantime the economy was failing, my stocks were plummeting, my husband was recently unemployed.  Even the default plan to save for retirement seemed unachievable.  Everything I invested dwindled away.  It was discouraging and faintly ridiculous.  I was running in place if I was lucky, sliding downhill on the days that I was not so lucky.

Interestingly, if I compared myself to friends and family, I was not doing too badly.  As part of the process, I counted my blessings: My house value hadn’t been radically affected by the economy (yet), I had no debt, I had some cash, I had an adventurous husband who was willing to try anything and 2 kids that were past the baby stage and ready for some adventure and responsibility.


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