How to Throw Eco-Friendly Parties

How to Throw Eco Friendly Parties

As with all things eco, it’s much easier to have big bang for your buck if you start at the planning stage. So start planning your party with the mindset of how can I make this most eco-friendly as possible? When choosing your food and drinks, think about utensils. The less utensils you have, the less waste you have. Consider having mainly finger foods.

When you’re thinking about your beverages, maybe you can get beverages that are bulk dispensed.

I have a couple of three-gallon beverage dispensers that I use whenever I have an event. I put water in one of them, and I’ll put a mixed drink of something in the other one. Serving beverage this way, rather than getting individual cans and bottles can save resources.

Plan for leftovers. Most parties have leftover food, and that can generate a lot of waste. So have people either bring their own to-go containers, or have takeout boxes so that you can easily pack up food for people to take home. They’ll appreciate not having to cook, and you’ll appreciate not having to waste that food.

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