Mens Cuff Bracelets: Why They Belong in a Man’s Fashion Arsenal

Mens Leather Cuff Bracelets

When he asked his wife her opinion on men wearing bracelets, GQ journalist Oliver Franklin was met with a raised eyebrows and a scornful β€œDon Draper wouldn’t wear a bracelet. James Bond wouldn’t wear a bracelet.” When they took to social media with this question, many of their female followers voiced similar opinions. Those who did agree that men can wear bracelets, especially mens cuff bracelets made of leather, thought that these should only be worn when you’re a goth or a biker.

However, with so many versions of men’s bracelets gracing runways and tastemakers like Philip Crangi, Johnny Depp and Gerard Butler, many style-forward men are finding ways to adopt this trend from the streets to the boardroom. While this sudden popularity has produced numerous styles of men’s bracelets – from beaded bracelets to metal mens cuff bracelets – today we’ll talk about leather bracelets for men.


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