Rainforest Sustainability: Two Things We Can Do to Save the Rainforest

Lobbying to Save the Rainforest

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Another power given to people to enact change on the behalf of the environment, wildlife, and underrepresented peoples of the Amazon is to lobby and protest in favor or political reform regarding the treatment of this land and its resources. Right now in Brazil, there are no laws or enforcement that keeps any person from “claiming” a section of the Amazon as theirs for a calendar year. This opens the door for abuse and mistreatment of the land and native peoples in the area. Lobbying and protesting the Brazilian government to recognize such a gross oversight that allows their land to be misused is perhaps the most powerful tool for reform an individual can wield against the destruction of the Amazon.

Though these tasks may seem daunting action on a personal level is the most potent way to enact change and begin the act of conservation.