Recycling Paper

recycling paperMake Confetti

Making your own confetti rather than buying it at the store saves you money and is great for the environment. If you shred up old waste paper, you can use it for confetti.

If you don’t have a shredder at home, you can often just swing by a local office supply store or neighborhood print shop and pay a little bit of money to have them shred it up for you.

Pet Cage or Litter Lining

Shredded recycled paper can often be used for the lining of a litter box for your pets.

For example, you can use it to line your cat litter. Or you could use it to line the bottom of your bird cage or the sides of your hamster cage.

Packing Material

Store bought packing material is expensive. Rather than using store bought Styrofoam, crumple up some recycled paper and use that instead. It is free and is better for the environment.


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