Things to Repurpose in your Green Cleaning Routine

green cleaningRecycling, saving energy and using eco-friendly products isn’t the only thing you can do if you have decided to go green. Reusing some of the stuff you don’t need is one of the most environmentally-conscious tactics you should consider. Here are several things you can repurpose in your green cleaning routine.

Make your own green cleaning supplies

Old clothes, towels and bedding are perfect for reusable cleaning rags. Cut them into pieces and you will never have to buy microfibre cloths again. You can use them to dust, wash the windows and other cleaning tasks. But you can also make your own household cleaners out of different combinations of water, vinegar, baking soda and simple soap. Alcohol is great for cleaning glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors and table tops – mix it with water and add a little essential oil for a good scent. And if you want to get rid of the limescale deposits from fixtures (or anywhere else) rub the place with lemon. Your bathroom will be clean and will smell nicely without the terrible effects toxic cleaners have on nature and human health.


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