Things to Repurpose in your Green Cleaning Routine

green cleaningRepurpose trash such as old pots, jars and vehicle tires

The first thing you think of when hearing of glass jars and bottles is probably recycling them. But in fact, they can have plenty of new purposes, if you use our imagination – beyond pickling and food canning. Jars can turn into great containers for various pantry items, creative garden lanterns and candle holders, and many others. If you like do-it-yourself projects, cut beer or wine bottles in two and with a little decoration, you’ll have colourful drinking glasses. You can also build shelves, hanging flower pots and wine racks out of tin cans and bottles. Old tyres can also be recycled, but before they get completely unusable, you can repurpose them in various projects. Tire swings are probably a nice touch to the backyard and are fun for the kids, but with a little paint tires can fully transform your garden. Paint them in several different colours and then arrange them in a pyramid in the garden. Fill them with soil and plant your favourite flowers, using the tires as flower beds. Interestingly, in places like Kenya and Mexico you can find popular eco-friendly sandals from old tires, so if you are feeling skilful enough, you can try making this exotic green footwear.


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