Things to Repurpose in your Green Cleaning Routine

 green cleaningPlastic bottles, bags and containers
Plastic litter is one the biggest pollution issues in the world – you have probably heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch. Well, in stead of recycling plastic bottles, you can repurpose them and turn them into flower pots, vases, pencil organizers, lamps and many, many others. It depends only on your imagination and skills. Plastic bags can be easily reused multiple times for carrying groceries, to put them in trash bins or to use them pet waste bags. Plastic food containers can also be reused to store different bulk items, while shampoo bottles can turn into cell charging stations by cutting them in half. There are numerous DIY projects you can find or simply use your imagination to give garbage a second life.
There are many things you can repurpose if you want to contribute to the saving of our planet. Your green cleaning routine is very important, because commercial cleaners, laundry detergents and drain cleaners contain all kinds of strong, toxic ingredients that end up in the water supply. By avoid such chemicals you will not only protect environment, but keep your home a clean and healthy space for the family.
This article has been submitted by Sophia Evans who is a manager of Tidy EOT SW18. She tries to educate her family and the people around her about the pros of the green life and truly trusts that this will have a positive outcome to the environment.


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