Defining Your Vision of Success Through Passion


North American society has given us a blueprint for what success looks like. But it’s a false picture, it has us chained to desks, working only to buy the next big thing that will make us temporarily happy. The sneaky sad thing is that buying too many things can actually rob us of fulfilling the dreams we have that could make us permanently happy. Each big thing you add to your life will weigh you down. It will require upkeep, payments, usage, cleaning, storing, repair. Caring for things uses up time that you won’t have for more important pursuits. Time that you won’t have for your passions, for developing your vision of success, for following your dreams.


  1. This is beautiful!! As you know, we’re looking at doing the same thing in the next couple of years- exciting, scary, but so great knowing it can be done!! Thanks for following your dreams, and for all that you do for women artisans in Ecuador.


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