Ways to Go Green

ways to go greenPerhaps you think it takes someone special to live green, or maybe you believe it requires a certain personality type or income level. But in reality, there are many ways to go green within everyone’s reach. Here’s how it works.

Think before You Buy

One of the easiest ways to go green is to think before you buy. In our modern culture, it’s tempting just to go out and buy something new, cheap, and (usually) plastic whenever we have a need. But used items are worth considering, either from second-hand stores, antique stores, or yard sales. And it might pay to look around your house for hidden treasures first.

For instance, you may decide you need a lemonade pitcher or a container for iced tea. Rather than getting a cheap plastic one, look around and see what you can reuse – maybe a glass juice container that you were going to throw away would work just fine.

Did you know it’s considered “green” to buy pretty much anything second-hand? Clothing, furniture, lamps, appliances and so forth can all be purchased second-hand for a fraction of the cost, and it helps keep those items from being thrown away.


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